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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can seem similar to automobile accidents to the inexperienced, but it is important to know that they are different in several key ways. First of all, trucking companies become involved as the truck driver is almost always acting as an agent of an organization. Second of all, trucking accidents are far more dangerous than automobile accidents between two standard sized vehicles. Trucks are large, heavy, and powerful. The injuries sustained in a trucking accident are usually far more severe than injuries sustained in automobile accidents.

Our First Step
Navigating Insurance

The insurance companies that represent trucking companies do their best to avoid payment at all costs. For this reason, many trucking companies require their drivers to lease the equipment they are using. That way, in the result of an accident in which the truck driver is at fault, the truck driver’s insurance is responsible for damages rather than the company’s insurance. Even when the accident is the result of equipment failure, the trucking company will try to claim that it was the driver’s responsibility to maintain the truck.

 Negotiating a settlement in the event of a trucking accident invariably leads to different insurance companies trying to push the responsibility off onto one another. Mark Martinez is familiar with this practice, and will work tirelessly to secure you the settlement you deserve.

Our Second Step
Negotiating Recovery

The personal injuries that result from trucking accidents are often lasting and severe. In order to secure the settlement you deserve, we will need to determine the extent of your injuries and your optimal road to recovery. You may require rehabilitation, time away from work, and ongoing medical care for the rest of your life. Mark Martinez will help you to determine what your best recovery course is, and will seek damages based on what you deserve, not what the insurance companies want to pay.

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