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Successor In Interest

When a loved one passes away, their mortgages, properties, responsibilities and even lawsuits can pass to their successor in interest. This can be a spouse, domestic partner, parent, grandparent, adult child, adult grandchild, adult sibling, or a joint tenant. Successors in interest are protected under California law, so if you find yourself in a position of responsibility that you did not anticipate, call Mark Martinez. Martinez will help you to understand your situation and can work for justice on your behalf.

Our First Step
Proving You Are the Successor In Interest

Following a death the successor in interest has 30 days to provide a death certificate to bodies like a mortgage servicer. Our first step in handling any property or lawsuit complications following a loved one’s death will be to prove that you are in fact the new party responsible. This way, you can take on a mortgage, pursue a lawsuit on behalf of your loved one (like a wrongful death lawsuit), and generally accept legal responsibility.

Our Second Step
Representing You Appropriately In Your Time of Need

If you do in fact require legal representation for something like a property foreclosure or a wrongful death lawsuit, Mark Martinez will work with you to navigate these tricky legal waters in the midst of your grief for a lost loved one. It can be overwhelming to accept responsibility immediately following a death. Martinez is sensitive to that, and will do everything in his power to represent you respectfully and with tact and grace.

Call Mark Martinez today for representation. As a legal expert, he can take on the mental burden of fighting legal battles on your behalf following an emotionally traumatic event like a death of a family member or close friend.

Providing Maximum Representation

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