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Real Estate Litigation Attorney Orange County CA


Commercial Agreements and Lease Disputes.

When fraud and dishonesty result in problems with contracts, Martinez Law Center determines the appropriate responses and remedies.

Whether the issue is the non-disclosure or inaccurate disclosure of financial information (or other critical business information), the negotiation of terms in bad faith, or the breach of lease, purchase, or sale agreements, Our Law Firm pursue all available remedies, from UCC resolution to the pursuit of contract and tort claims through litigation.

We have expertise representing the interests of our clients in a variety of real estate-related conflicts in federal and state courts, including the following:

  • Commercial contract and lease disputes
  • Fraud and negligent misrepresentation
  • Purchase and sale litigation
  • Partnership disputes
  • Claims involving breach of fiduciary duty of real estate professionals
  • Insurance disputes
  • Construction and design defect disputes
  • Mechanic’s lien claims
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defense
  • Property tax assessments

Disagreements can result in complex legal circumstances when two real estate partners divide costs and ownership of a property.

Legal counsel might be necessary, for instance, if one side wants to sell and the other wants to keep a property, in order to resolve the conflict amicably and legally. When it comes to inherited property, this scenario occurs frequently.

Mark Martinez is the best lawyer to handle your case since he is very knowledgeable about real estate rules and the Southern California real estate industry.


It is crucial for each side to comprehend what is most important to them when there is a dispute over the sale of real estate. As an illustration, if you wish to sell the property for a profit, that is what you want from it. It’s crucial to define and comprehend your point of view if you intend to keep the house and rent it to renters in order to generate ongoing income. In order to represent our client in a partition of sale lawsuit effectively, our first step is to determine exactly what they want.


Nine times out of ten, in circumstances of this nature, the party looking for legal counsel is the one looking to sell. Our next action will almost always be to request a petition to partition because this is typically the situation. The party seeking to sell is requesting in this petition that the court split the property and order a forced sale. This is a calm, non-aggressive method of dividing property assets fairly.

Do not manage a partition conflict with a co-owner of some real estate on your own if you are having trouble resolving it.

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When a loved one passes away, their mortgages, properties, responsibilities and even lawsuits can pass to their successor in interest.
This can be a spouse, domestic partner, parent, grandparent, adult child, adult grandchild, adult sibling, or a joint tenant. Successors in interest are protected under California law, so if you find yourself in a position of responsibility that you did not anticipate, call Mark Martinez.
Martinez will help you to understand your situation and can work for justice on your behalf.


To Each Client Regardless of How Severe Your Case May Be.
When it comes to real estate and personal injury law, you want Mark Martinez on your side. With a background in the real estate mortgage industry, Martinez understands the complexity of real estate deals.

He chose to go into law after encountering dozens of clients in precarious situations who were simply following bad advice. He vowed to become a representative for vulnerable real estate owners, and he has built a career by helping others.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney Orange County CA

What is Real Estate Litigation Attorney Orange County CA?

Any disagreement involving real estate or a real estate stake is considered real estate litigation. Real estate litigation may involve a disagreement about ownership rights or another stake in a property that develops after a dispute over the purchase of the property.

When most people think about attorneys, the first thing that comes to mind is criminal law. However, there are many other areas of the law, and one of these is real estate litigation. This is a specialized field of law that deals with disputes that arise in connection with real estate transactions. Such disputes can involve things like the purchase or sale of property, leases, mortgages, and foreclosures.

Real estate litigation attorneys represent either buyers or sellers in these disputes, and they often have to navigate through a complex web of legal rules and regulations. They must be able to understand the applicable state and federal laws as well as the terms of any contracts involved in the transaction. They also need to be able to argue their client’s case before a judge or jury if necessary.

Is a litigator the same as a lawyer?

However, in general, attorneys represent clients and present their cases in court, create legal documents like wills, contracts, and deeds, and offer legal advice and help to clients. A litigator, usually referred to as a trial or courtroom lawyer, concentrates on defending their client in court.

What is the role of a litigator?

Trial lawyers, also referred to as litigators, represent both the plaintiff and the defendant in civil litigation. The pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal processes are all managed by them along with the investigation, pleadings, and discovery aspects of the action.

A Real Estate Litigation Attorney Orange County CA is responsible for representing clients in court who are involved in disputes over real estate transactions.

This may include disagreements over the purchase or sale of a property, the terms of a lease agreement, or title to land. Real estate litigation attorneys may also be called on to represent clients in zoning disputes or in cases where the government has attempted to take property through eminent domain.

How do you deal with litigation property?

Best Orange County Ca Litigation – Real Estate Lawyers

Only pursue litigation if you have all the necessary papers, including the title deed, and your attorney believes you have a good chance of succeeding. Courts have been known to order parties to settle out of court. This settlement is under court supervision.

If you are in the market for a new home, or if you are involved in a real estate transaction, it is important to have an understanding of the potential legal issues that can arise. A real estate litigation attorney can help you protect your interests and resolve any disputes that may arise during the purchase or sale of property.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney Orange County CA can advise you on a wide range of legal issues, including zoning regulations, title disputes, and mortgage fraud. They can also represent you in court if a dispute arises with another party involved in the transaction.
If you are considering purchasing or selling property, it is important to consult with a qualified real estate lawyer to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

What are litigation lawyers like?

What does a litigator do? Litigation lawyers and solicitors, also referred to as litigators, are in charge of defending plaintiffs or defendants before, during, and after court proceedings. They are experts in resolving conflicts between people and/or businesses.
When it comes to real estate, things can go south quickly. Whether you’re a homeowner, tenant, or investor, chances are you’ll need to hire a real estate litigation attorney at some point. While the benefits of having an attorney vary depending on your situation, there are some general advantages to hiring one.
First and foremost, an attorney can help you negotiate and navigate tricky legal waters. They’ll be able to explain complex legal terminology in plain English, and they’ll also know how to protect your interests during any legal proceedings.

Attorneys can also help you resolve disputes out of court. This often leads to faster, more cost-effective resolutions than if the dispute went to trial. Finally, attorneys can provide valuable resources and support during times of stress or upheaval.

What does litigation law involve?

The process of taking a matter to court is known as litigation. Parties shall present their respective cases to a judge for decision if they are unable to reach an amicable agreement over the fair and appropriate resolution of a dispute. It is a general term that refers to a protracted and occasionally difficult process.

What is being a litigator like?

In general, litigators try to get the best result for their client by standing in for a party in a dispute. Each case develops a life of its own, and the litigator must continuously consider the judge’s or the other side’s counsel’s actions while deciding how to proceed. Aggression might be profitable on occasion.

What distinguishes arbitration from litigation?

In a legal proceeding known as litigation, the court renders a verdict on the merits of the case. By designating an impartial third party to hear the evidence, review the case, and render a binding judgement, arbitration settles conflicts.

What is civil litigation lawyer?

What Does a Lawyer in Civil Litigation Do?
An attorney who handles litigation, often known as a trial lawyer or litigator, represents either the plaintiffs or the defendants in civil cases. These litigators often focus on a certain subject, like divorce law or legal claims of medical negligence.

Why do you want to litigate?

The main reason you decide to go to court may be to set a precedent that you aren’t a pushover or that you won’t be forced into conceding in a baseless issue. Intellectual property can be a company’s most valuable asset, making its protection a crucial aspect of your enterprise.

Why should I be a litigation lawyer?

Litigation enables you to develop a wide range of other abilities in addition to public speaking. You will frequently be expected to investigate complex and voluminous legal issues. Your ability to conduct thorough research, write well, and communicate effectively will be useful no matter where you end up.

What distinguishes an attorney from a lawyer?
Attorney vs. Lawyer: Definition Comparison

Lawyers are those who have completed legal education, frequently after passing the bar exam. The word “attorney” has French roots and comes from a verb that means to represent someone else. Attorney is a shortened version of the official title “attorney at law.”

Is being a litigation attorney hard?

One of the most challenging areas of law practice is certainly litigation. Additionally, it is one of the most thankless professions. The legal industry in many ways discourages litigators. One of the hardest practice areas to land a solid lateral legal position in is litigation.

What exactly does a real estate lawyer do?

They offer their clients advice on a range of property-related issues. They write memorandums of understanding, leases, leave and license documents, etc. They also manage conflicts involving land or property. Their customers include both individuals who are purchasing apartments and developers or promoters.
Is a real estate litigation attorney right for you?
If you are considering a real estate litigation attorney, it is important to understand what they do and if they are the right fit for you. Real estate litigation attorneys represent clients in disputes over real estate transactions and ownership.
They can help with contract disputes, zoning issues, mortgage problems, and other disagreements related to property.
Before hiring a real estate litigation attorney, it is important to research their experience and track record.
Ask for references from past clients to get an idea of the lawyer’s strengths and weaknesses.
Most importantly, be sure that you feel comfortable with the lawyer and that they understand your needs.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney Orange County CA