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Partition of Sale of Real Property

When two real estate partners share expenses and responsibility for a property, disagreements can lead to tricky legal situations. For example, if one party wants to sell and the other wants to maintain a property, then legal representation may be required in order to settle the matter peacefully and legally. This is a very common situation with inherited property. Mark Martinez is very familiar with both real estate laws and the Southern California real estate market, and he is the ideal attorney to take your case.

Our First Step
Understanding What You Want Out of the Property

When it comes to disagreements over property sale, it is important for each party to understand what is most important to them. For example, if you want to sell the property for profit, then that is what you want out of the property. If you want to hold the property and lease it out to tenants in order to establish recurring revenue, then that is an important viewpoint to establish and understand. Our first step in any partition of sale case is to establish exactly what our client wants in order to best represent them.

Our Second Step
Seeking a Petition to Partition

When it comes to these types of cases, nine times out of ten the party seeking legal representation is the party that wants to sell. Since this is usually the case, our next step will almost always be to seek a petition to partition. Under this petition, the party that wants to sell is asking the court to divide the property and force sale. This is a peaceful, non-confrontational way to split property assets equitably.

If you are struggling with a partition disagreement with a co-owner of some real estate, do not handle the disagreement alone. Call Mark Martinez today.

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