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Motorcycle Accident

At first glance, a motorcycle accident may seem similar to an automobile accident, but they are in fact different in several key ways. To start, motorcycles riders are much more vulnerable on the road. In the event of a collision, they are more likely to experience significant bodily trauma. Also, negligence in this case may come down to whether or not a driver properly checked their mirrors.
Our First Step
Proving Negligence

Motorcycles are much smaller than cars, trucks, and SUVs, and they physically take up less space on the road. It is still the driver’s responsibility to properly check to see in a motorcycle is in their path before turning or changing lanes, but often times distracted driving leads to drivers not properly looking for motorcyclists.

Our first step in building your case will be to prove that the driver who hit you was not acting responsibly at the time of the accident.

Our Second Step
Calculating your Settlement

Motorcycle accidents often lead to devastating personal injury, and the affects of those injuries can last for years. It may seem tempting to take the first settlement offered by an insurance company in order to pay your mounting medical bills, but when you come to Mark Martinez, we will help you calculate the value of all of your rehabilitation, missed work, and pain and suffering in order to secure you a much larger total.

Mark Martinez truly understands the severity of motorcycle injuries, and is prepared to fight on your behalf in order to get you what you deserve.

When you have been hurt, it is tempting to take the easiest path out of a bad situation in order to get back to recovery faster, but when it comes to motorcycle injuries do not let your injury distract you from receiving the compensation you deserve. Call Mark Martinez today to discuss the details of your potential case.

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