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Areas of Law

When it comes to real estate and personal injury law, you want Mark Martinez on your side.
With a background in the real estate mortgage industry, Martinez understands the complexity of real estate deals.
He chose to go into law after encountering dozens of clients in precarious situations who were simply following bad advice.
He vowed to become a representative for vulnerable real estate owners, and he has built a career by helping others.

Partition of Sale
of real property

When two real estate partners share expenses and responsibility for a property, disagreements can lead to tricky legal situations.
For example, if one party wants to sell and the other wants to maintain a property, then legal representation may be required in order to settle the matter peacefully and legally.
This is a very common situation with inherited property.
Mark Martinez is very familiar with both real estate laws and the Southern California real estate market, and he is the ideal attorney to take your case.

Auto Accidents
Proving Negligence

In Southern California, driving is a way of life. Every day, millions of Southern Californians get behind the wheel and operate heavy machinery on their way to work, school, and social engagements.

Unfortunately, driving is one of the most dangerous activities we participate in, and auto accidents are an unfortunate reality.

If you or a loved one have suffered personal injury following an accident in which the other driver was at fault, you are likely entitled to compensation.

Stop the Worry! DO IT NOW !!!!
eviction tenant

Evictions are emotionally traumatic, financially straining, and all around difficult to endure.

All of that is compounded when you have been wrongfully evicted.

In the state of California, landlords are responsible for the habitability of their properties, and for honoring the lease contract fully.

Failure to do this can result in a wrongful eviction case. Mark Martinez has experience in defending tenants against wrongful evictions, and can help tenants across Southern California to exercise their rights as tenants.

Establishing an Acceptable Remedy

Under California state law, real estate buyers, sellers, and agents are obligated to disclose all known material facts that may affect the buyer’s choice.

This can include construction defects that are known at the time of sale, clouds on a property’s title, and generally any other issue that may affect a property’s value. Disclosure is even required when properties are sold “as-is”.

Any failure to disclose or otherwise misrepresent a piece of real estate is considered real estate fraud.


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